• Attraction of Hands-free travel
  • Hands-free travel brighten you up

    Hands-free travel brighten you up

  • Will you still carry your luggage?

    Will you still carry your luggage?

  • Instead of searching coin lockers, how about using the one and only Crosta inside the station?

    Instead of searching coin lockers, how about using the one and only Crosta inside the station?

Attraction of Hands-free travel

Once you get off at Kyoto station, a choice might bring you a lot of convinence.
Get rid of the trouble to carry your luggage.
Hands-free travel will make your trip more enjoyable.

Please image: a hands-free travel will let you enjoy this ancient capital,
feel more in temples and shrines and enjoy the beautiful scenery of each season.
You will have more opportunities to capture the moment in photos.

It is a travel on stone steps here in Kyoto.
The view on the top will leave a deep impression.

Hands-free travel, an unforgettable memory.

You would be troubled

  • It is hard to visit temples and shrines

    Temples and shrines are full of stairs and stone steps.
    You will get frustrated even before reaching the main hall.

  • Inconvenient for shopping

    Shopping districts in Kyoto are always crowded.
    It may possible be difficult to move around as you want.

  • Are you troubled with traveling in Kyoto?

    Bus and taxi do not have much space to transport of large items.
    These troubles will bring your travel to ruin.

People in sightseeing spots
will also be troubled

  • It is dangerous to pass by

    If sidewalks are occupied by bulky luggage,it will trouble local residents.
    Also quite dangerous in Kyoto
    where there are many people riding bicycles.

  • It is difficult to get on a bus

    The major transportation method in Kyoto is bus.
    Tourists with bulky luggage will make the bus to crowded.

  • Makes Noisy

    It is very noisy to move with a luggage in the night-time.
    It is troublesome to disturb other residents.

It is operated to correspond
with these troubles

  • Convenient

    It is convinent to keep your luggage
    in JR Kyoto station
    and let you luggage be carried to your hotel.

  • No worries

    Reliable 35 years without accident records.
    And a feeling of security because of being operated by the JR group.

  • Easy

    We provide services in English and Chinese.
    Your dream of hands-free travel will be realized in just a few minutes.

your hands-free travel !

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